The blog is back

Even if it might look like I have been gone missing, it is not the case. And the blog is back!

Last several months were busy, both professionally and family wise. Back in August, our first daughter was born. Given that this is our third child, my 'me' time has shrunk considerably. But now, once the sleeping habits improved, we, as the family are re-gaining our rhythm too. On the night of the birth my Fujifilm was with me, and I intend to write a small piece on my experience of shooting while being emotionally disturbed. Maybe some hints would be applicable for other occasions you may find yourself in the future.

Welcome to the world!

Welcome to the world!

I have also been active on other photo fronts. Back in September, I did a shoot for a friend of a friend, a Japanese actress Nagisa and her designer friend Daniela. It was a fun project, starting
with a casual, leisure photos and ending with some more fashion inspired photography. All done on location, not all done with natural light. This is a good material for another blogpost.

20170930 Nagisa-678_IG1080.jpg

More recently, I did a shoot in cooperation with a brand, my first one. The great thing about it was that I had almost full creative freedom to propose the style for the shoot. I used it to push my boundaries on post production, going for a heavily edited and stylised look on some of the photos. They liked it so far and for me it was o good opportunity to try out new things. This should make it to the third blog entry once I can publish the photos.

Finally, I kept coming back to my blog entry about the style. And I feel like I need to revisit it somehow as my views have evolved in the meantime.

My aim is to do much more disciplined entries, trying to put a schedule of every second week. Keep me to my word!